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Annual Courses & Workshops

Certificate in Fundraising & Management (CFRM) Courses

Developing Annual Sustainability

Successful fundraising is an ongoing process. As you continue to identify new donors, you also need to maintain good relations with current donors and encourage them to repeat and increase their giving. Learn and strengthen the fundraising skills that can sustain your organization including direct mail, online giving, major gifts and special events. 

Developing Major Gifts

Raise more money by receiving more major gifts. Consistent donors can become major donors when you effectively implement the Eight-Step Major Gifts Management Cycle. Identify and utilize your own communication strengths when meeting with donors to develop major gifts and increase your fundraising success. 

Managing the Capital Campaign

Build your fundraising skills to build your next building. Learn the five phases of a successful capital campaign that will help you design a visionary goal with a specific timeline, engage your board and involve your community- all while avoiding costly mistakes and maintaining your current funding. 

Principles & Techniques of Fundraising

Maximize your fundraising success through this timeless course that teaches the tried-and-true practical skills of effective fundraising. Strengthen your fundraising abilities by learning proven fund development tools, and draft a specific fundraising plan to grow your organization. This course serves as the foundation for the rest of the curriculum. 


Achieving your Ramadan Goals: A Playbooking Session

Ramadan is the most important time of the year for Muslims nonprofits. Do you have the tools and strategy to stand out from the crowd and meet your fundraising goals? CMP is offering a practitioner's workshop that will help you evaluate your Ramadan Fundraising plan and polish it to perfection. 

Post Ramadan Stewardship Plan

Learn how to sustain the fundraising momentum you built during Ramadan. Now is the best time to launch a journey that keeps your donors inspired and motivated to give throughout the year. Join this workshop to upskill your donor stewardship techniques. Bring your donors into a closer relationship with your organization. Learn how to keep them invested in your mission throughout the year. 

Creating the Welcoming, Inclusive, Dynamic Mosque

Learn the challenges mosques are facing today and the characteristics of the prophetic mosque, different ways in fostering a welcoming environment, inclusive and dynamic mosque. 

Masjid Board Governance

Learn the overview of the principle of good governance: characteristic of a prophetic masjid, the need for a board of trustees and an executive committee, elections, financial management, constitutional issues and technology & software.

Perfecting the Pitch: How to Ask for that Major Gift

In this 90-minute workshop, walk away with an end-to-end playbook on how to build, present your pitch deck, and make the ASK for that major gift. You will see pitch decks that have raised millions of dollar! Join to hear case examples and see pitch decks that have raised millions of dollars and get an opportunity to submit your pitch decks for review & feedback. 

End of Year Campaign Playbooking

Join us in this two-hour workshop, where you can learn an achievable and actionable playbook for your end of year campaign. You will learn to identify your end of year goal, build your gift range chart, identify your prospects and segments to reach, test your prospect pool against your gift range chart, setup campaigns, build communication assets, how to message and make the ask and learn how to leverage your virtual and non-virtual banquet to reach your end-of-year goal. 


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