Cars 4 Jannah!


CMP is on a mission to increase capacity for nonprofits so that they have more resources to fulfill their mission. To help you toward that goal, we would like to introduce you to Cars4Jannah. Cars4Jannah is a platform to increase your donors, grow donations, and help you build tighter and stronger relationships with your support.


Cars4jannah is a nonprofit project established to help fund Islamic schools, masjids, and Islamic organizations throughout the United States. Cars4jannah is owned and operated by Al-Huda, Inc. (dba Dar-us-salaam) and aims to help the American Muslim community as a whole through the Cars4Jannah project. 

Cars4Jannah’s nonprofit participation program enables nonprofit organizations to offer a different way to generate support.  It creates value for the donor by enabling them to get rid of a car they don’t need, while simultaneously creating value for the participating nonprofit by growing their fund. Cars4Jannah helps nonprofit participating organizations grow their fund and expand their donor base in a new, creative way! 


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