Our Mission in Action
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Dreaming of a better world brought to life through higher performing Muslim nonprofits


The Center on Muslim Philanthropy is upskilling, resourcing, and connecting the American Muslim charitable community - a diverse set of nonprofits, philanthropists, and social enterprises - to advance the common good. 

While our faith inspires us and invites Muslims to do good, the American Muslim charitable community is grossly under resourced… they seriously lack the capacity to fulfill their mission overtime. 

There is an estimated 8,000 American Muslim nonprofits in the US. Most have less than 2 employees and an insufficient budget. The American Muslim Charitable community simply doesn’t have enough capacity.  We are solving the capacity problem in three ways:

  • By upskilling existing staff and boards. The concept of “work smarter, not harder” really does create capacity and we’re teaching nonprofit professionals how.
  • By resourcing with tools, funding opportunities, and human talent.
  • By connecting with industry experts, collaborating with each other, and engaging the larger social good community.





Finance Scholarships!

Making a gift of any size to scholarships is a great way to help students achieve their goals and potential. This GIFT qualifies for the maximum charitable benefit under state and federal law.