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We imagine a social good community of non-profit professionals, social entrepreneurs, and philanthropists fulfilling their mission collaboratively and making the world a better place.


Up skilling, resourcing, and connecting to uplift the social good sector.

Context and Theory of Change

Muslims have been present in the United States since its inception. There is a rich history of Muslim philanthropy including the practice of Zakah and Sadaqah by Africans who were enslaved by the European colonies in Americas.

Over the past hundred years Muslim philanthropy in the United States has resulted in an organized and vibrant Muslim American philanthropic sector comprising Islamic centers, Islamic schools, advocacy, relief, interfaith, civic, arts and other social good organizations The number of Muslim Americans entering the nonprofit field as employees, volunteers, donors and board members continues to grow including in nonprofits managed by Muslim Americans.

CMP believes that a positive narrative about American Muslims will develop and override the current myths and misrepresentation of American Muslim community when a neutral, academic and professional forum facilitates much needed discourses, research and documentation of Muslim philanthropic impact in United States of America. CMP is established to create such a platform. CMP seeks to promote the study of this activity and promote best practices through education and trainings and create institutional linkages between Muslim philanthropy, academia and foundations.

The Center on Muslim Philanthropy established in 2014 is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation based in Indianapolis, in the state of Indiana of the United States of America.

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We work with our partners to explore, educate, engage, and enable to uplift the Social Good Sector.